Douglas Lee - Glass Harpist - ArtistDouglas Lee was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At age thirteen he began studying music. At age nineteen, he moved to New Orleans, LA to further pursue his studies. There he was introduced to the Musical Glasses while briefly working with a local circus troupe where Peter Bennet (a world renown glass player) was performing. Captivated by the exotic and beautiful sounds of the instrument, he began to study the world of glass music. He learned of it’s history dating back some three hundred years, and how composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schulz all wrote music for glass. He then sought out to find twenty-eight glasses of just the right size and pitch, enlisted his brother Darryl Lee (a master craftsman) to construct an elegant housing with a sounding board to mount the glasses, and an acoustic chamber to complete the instrument. This is how Douglas Lee’s Musical Glasses (one of only a few hundred in the world) were born.

After years of intensive practice Lee has now become one of only a handful of skilled players in the world. He performs many styles of music on these glasses including jazz, classical, pop and heavy metal.

Douglas Lee has been featured in numerous settings including NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, an international television appearance (performed live on “Science Park” for SBS Television in Soeul, Korea), a national television commercial (solo musical lead and technical consultant for Tanquerray’s 2005 holiday campaign “Tony and the Glass Man”), and numerous solo appearances for weddings, corporate events, gallery openings and holiday parties at some of LA’s most reputable venues. Lee also acted as musical consultant for the 20th Century Fox filming of “Bedazzled, 2000.

As a featured soloist on the glasses and musical saw, Lee has performed stage and nightclub engagements throughout LA with various jazz, hip-hop, rock and folk ensembles. Variety magazine describes Lee as “virtuosity on musical saw and tuned wine glasses”. Entertainment Today writes Lee is “musical magic with a set of water glasses”. LAWeekly writes “Douglas Lee’s rendition of pop tunes played on water-filled glasses captivated the audience”. Lee also performs on a wide array of other musical instruments including musical saw, theremin, guitar, bass guitar, and occasionally, piano, banjo, mandolin, and xylophone.